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Introducing The Beyond School!

The Beyond School is a place for you to complete DSHS compliant courses and seek certification for various healthcare topics such as In-Home Care. Each course has a series of modules and tests you need to complete and there are certain classes that require an in-person assessment, but this is a place for you to complete the learning, study, and written portions of these certifications in an online setting.

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LTC Orientation & Safety Training

Required class for Long Term Care (LTC) workers

Provides An Introductory Overview On Long Term Care Support

Core Basic

Our Training For Nurse Delegation

 Provides A Thorough Training On The Fundamentals Of Care

Mental Health
Level 1

Level 1 Capable Caregiving for Mental Wellness

Provides Access To Certification Test

Nurse Delegation Training Diabetes

In-depth instruction on
care and treatment for patients with diabetes

Access to Certification Test

Why Our Courses?

  • Professional courses in an easy to navigate online format.
  • DSHS Approved certifications for real-world applicability
  • We provide accessible career advancement opportunities.